Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Princess and The Castle

From afar I see the high stone walls surrounding the castle. Sunlight warms the sandstone so that it glows softly golden. Approaching the base I can barely see the top of the ramparts. I am overcome by a longing to secrete myself within these walls. I run, searching for a doorway, a gate, even just a crack or a hole to crawl through. I know that somewhere behind these mighty stones lie my home and family. Yet I am still cut off, unseen and unknown. I cry though I know that I am still out of earshot. Inside, unknowingly, my new family, my new life, awaits me. Perhaps it is not yet my time, but I will keep searching for a way in. I will keep pounding and scratching these walls until something gives way and I break through. I need to be there. I have been alone on the outside for too long. Sadness drains my strength and dilutes my blood.

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